GTA Online Finance & Felony Guide

Rockstar has the tendency to release a pretty exhaustive guide sometime after each DLC release to get GTA 5 players on the rails, particularly if they have been struggling with the content before. In some cases, they even need two long posts to cover all the bases in a given update.


It should come as no surprise that this next guide is only part one of two, seeing as it is providing tips on how to own in the most recent of GTA Online’s major DLC releases, Further Adventures in Finance and Felony. This is the biggest and deepest update yet, not to mention the most divisive among the community.

There has always been animosity… well, actually, there has always been seething hatred and disgust between the griefer and non-griefers among the GTA Online playerbase, but never has it been as pronounced as since the release of the DLC.


Finance and Felony has players make investments of several million GTA $ in the form of crates that need to be taken to warehouses and later delivered to buyers. Thing is, these crates have the tendency to burn or blow up when shot repeatedly by high velocity projectiles.

You can imagine the moist squeeing this realization spawned from those handful of pre-pubescent players who love flying around in Hydras and repeatedly killing other players who are minding their own business. On the other hand, those GTA fans who wanted to immerse themselves in the new black market mechanic saw this as more than a nuisance.


While we’ve covered anti-griefer techniques in the past, put together a quick tutorial on how to get into your own empty public lobby whenever you want as well as a guide of our own regarding Finance and Felony, Rockstar’s own guide has some pretty handy tips.

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony builds upon what was possibly the best received DLC since Heists. Executives and Other Criminals was added to GTA Online back in December 2015 and brought with it a new level of gameplay with the VIP and Bodyguard system.


While more than enough words have been written about being a great VIP and a reliable Bodyguard, it never hurts to re-iterate how influential that DLC was. After all, it is SecuroServe which provides CEOs with associated in this update too.

The crux of becoming the biggest shark in the pool (which in this case is Los Santos) is getting the right office. There are four offices on offer, each with a different price tag. Functionally, they are all identical – the players with the cheapest offices have the same chances at success as the ones with the most expensive offices.


With the pricier HQs, you really just paying for the location, size and bragging rights. In this sense, being a CEO in GTA Online is much like being a CEO in real life – tossing money out the window for some flashy luxuries is in direct relation to your social standing.

Each office also gives players access to the same optional bonuses – if you pay extra, of course. These include a gun locker, a safe and accommodations.

The accommodations turn the office into a proper apartment, allowing characters to sleep and change outfits in the office, while the gun locker finally brings weapon loadout customization to GTA Online, allowing players to dump unused guns in order to make weapon selection quicker.


All stock offices come with boardrooms with a cool 3D map of Los Santos that has both purchased and available warehouses marked, a home cinema with a gaming system (and hence a mini-game) and your handy SecuroServe desktop which will be used to coordinate your corporate activities.

Another bonus that all CEOs in GTA Online will get with their office is a personal assistant, the gender of which can be freely chosen by the player. The assistant does all kinds of nifty things, like keeping you notified of the happenings regarding your business; they call in Pegasus vehicles to your office’s landing pad; they recover impounded rides and enable fast travel back to the office. However, undoubtedly their most useful feature is refilling your snacks.


For free.

That alone earns them a raise, no?

Once you have the office, you should simply access that SecuroServe terminal we talked about and register yourself as a GTA Online CEO (if only it were so easy in real life). There are fewer restrictions in place for CEO-hood than there were for being a VIP – there is no required minimum bank balance, there is no time limit nor is there a cooldown period after un-CEOing yourself.

Next up, in order to become a black market kingpin you need stuff to sell – but before you acquire said stuff, you need someplace that stuff goes. That someplace happens to be a warehouse – or, actually, up to five warehouses. These come in small, medium and large flavors, but buying one isn’t final as you can always upgrade.


These warehouses all come stocked with a workbench which can be used to apply special upgrades to delivery vehicles. These upgrades are particularly useful against socially insecure players who live out their fantasies in GTA Online as they include the likes of armor plating and homing missile jammers.

The temptation to go for the flashiest office and to stock up on large warehouses early on might be strong, but we suggest not to take that leap – it will set you back several million which you won’t earn back quickly, but you can always upgrade later. Black market missions need time to get a move on, so you’ll be doing a lot of work before turning a profit – however, once things start up, you’ll be making tons of dough.


Once you’re set up with a warehouse, its time to go on your first buy mission. These missions are where you acquire crates of cargo that you will later sell for a greater amount, hence profit. You can choose to carry one to three crates at a time, however the more you carry, the greater the risk.

These crates will attract the attention of other players and NPC enemies as well, so you need to make sure your team is ready for opposition. Sometimes it is worth doing multiple 1 crate missions instead of risking the three, however at other times the opposite is true.


After completing some buy missions, you will be offered the option to try your hand at a special cargo mission. Here, the cargo is worth a lot to the people you will sell it, however picking it up will broadcast your location to every player in the session while spawning tons of NPC enemies. This is a high risk, high reward scenario recommended only for skilled teams.

Now that your warehouses are loaded, it is time to turn those crates into profit. These are once more risk-reward scenarios, where the missions for those buyers willing to may more are also more dangerous.


You can manipulate the prices for which your goods go to some extent by stockpiling – if you don’t sell off your merchandise, the demand and therefore the value will increase. However, the more valuable cargo is, the more likely NPC gangs will attack said warehouse, forcing you to protect your goods.

Being a CEO is a game of risk assessment. Will you take one, two or three crates? Will you risk saving time in the face of greater opposition? Will you stockpile your goods in spite of raiding parties? Will you sell to the highest bidder and brave the tougher missions?


In the end, both the safe and the quick routes will turn profits. The safe route is more time consuming, however the quick route will see you lose more often.

Rockstar’s guide proceeds into a short FAQ section which introduces players to some other mechanics, such as the five minute cooldown between buy and sell missions as well as the benefits of being an associate.


It also seeks to explain why CEO activities can only be done in public GTA Online lobbies – because one must also accept the risks of other players spitting in their soup and whatnot. However, this is a bit unfair considering how many assholes inhabit GTA Online. In order to complete your CEO missions in peace, feel free to reference the solo public lobby guide we linked earlier on.

What kinds of tips do you have for your fellow GTA Online CEOs?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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