GTA Online Festive Surprise’s New Adversary Mode

When the Festive Surprise DLC for GTA Online was announced, the update seemed a tad light on new content. However, in the announcement Rockstar stated that they will be expanding the Christmas DLC over the holiday with more and more content, and today the first burst of new holiday fun as arrived to GTA Online, with a few presents for the players. Snow covers Los Santos for the first time since last Christmas, and a new kind of roar can be heard from players’ garages, but most intriguing of all is an all new game mode.


Here we have that new Adversary Mode Rockstar promised in their announcement of the Festive Surprise DLC. Beast vs. Slasher is a mash up of two relatively new Adversary Modes, namely Hunt the Beast and Slasher. In this new mode, one team is turned into the superhuman beasts, who run faster and jump higher than any human, plus they can temporarily turn invisible Predator style, while the other team is turned into the ominous, supernatural Slashers, whose task it is to hunt down the beasts.

Now, typically, you’d think that a hunt would be the other way around, however the Slashers have gotten a significant upgrade, and are categorized into three classes. Demolition Slashers are equipped with RPGs, Heavy Slashers tote miniguns, and Assault Slashers, for the first time ever in GTA Online, wield the awesome power of the railgun.


This new Adversary Mode accommodates 4 to 10 players, and undoubtedly having a full lobby will result is the biggest mayhem and most fun to be had. While it cannot be said that the two modes from which this one is composed are particularly geared towards lone wolves, Beast vs. Slasher is even more team-based than those.

What kinds of presents are you hoping for in GTA Online?

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