GTA Online Fans Give Hunting Pack Tips

Usually the forté of Rockstar themselves, the GTA V community has taken it upon themselves to help you get better at the Hunting Pack Adversary Mode.

In the Hunting Pack Adversary Mode, one player is placed in a vehicle that is rigged to blow if the speed of the vehicle decreases below a certain threshold. The goal of this runner, as well as the defending team, is to get said runner to the “deactivation zone” intact. The attacking team’s goal is to slow the runner down to a point where it explodes. There are a host of tactics to be used by either of the three types. While Rockstar’s tips are usually the best guidelines when playing GTA Online (in addition to our own of course), Reddit gamers have something to add as well.


Of course, the backbone of success for anyone involved is everyone in the lobby being at least somewhat competent and honorable. This is probably the hardest thing to achieve, since we are talking about an online game here. If this is given, then the rewards for a few rounds of Hunting Pack can be quite lucrative.


For truck drivers, the first golden rule is to not follow the GPS route like a fanatic. Often times the automatic routes will be filled with corners, and since it is taken from a template, after playing enough, your opponents will recognize the route and predict your movements.

Another easy mistake to make is pressing the pedal to the metal. You may not be allowed to slow down too much, but that does not mean you need to go full speed the whole time. Going slower will give you more control, while speed will simply increase impact damage.


In the case of attackers, brute-forcing the truck may not be the most effective method. Coming in at an angle will cause it to spin out of control, however.

If you have any tips for this GTA Online Adversary Mode, feel free to share in the comments.

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