GTA Online Executives And Other Criminals DLC Announced

Once again, the GTA Online DLC leak we previously reported on has been proven true. The next content update for the game is arriving next week with all the rumored features. Time to save up, players, this one is bound to be expensive.

You thought the content in the High Life DLC was luxurious? You ain’t seen nothing. You thought the stuff in Ill-Gotten Gains made you look like a true high roller? Think again. Executives and Other Criminals puts you at the top of the corporate hierarchy of your own organisation, to swindle as you see fit. Of course, being as boss comes with a lot of perks.


It seems that not only will there be new properties added. The old ones are getting an upgrade, and while it wasn’t named, based on the trailer the apartment customization will come into play in this DLC. The update will be adding a few new purchasable properties to the Vinewood Hills. Some flashy, new retro vehicles will be added as well and you can bet on them being expensive as hell.

In a new gameplay mechanic the bosses of a given organisation can hire other players as their bodyguards which unlocks new mission types. We also see, for the first time, some of that fancy new groundwork laid by Freemode Events – Depending on whether or not you are currently a Boss or Bodyguard, a number of the random events in freemode change somewhat.


A new Adversary Mode (Rockstar really loves these all of the sudden) also comes to GTA Online with the update. In Extraction, an executive’s private jet was shot down, and a group of bodyguards must get them to safety while the opposing team needs to take the boss out.

Executives and Other Criminals launches on the 15th of December, next week. Which part of the new GTA Online DLC are you guys looking forward to?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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