GTA Online DLC/Event Expected For Tomorrow

Previous event is ending, and it’s Tuesday

Tomorrow we might finally get a taste of what Rockstar has in store for us going into 2017, as well as how much merit there is to one particular kinda-leak/kinda-prediction about the future of GTA Online DLC. Whether it’s a tiny update, a proper DLC or just an event with no new content, it will likely set the scene for months to come.

So why are we expecting something to happen tomorrow, in lieu of any kind of announcement? Simple, Rockstar is a creature of habit, and over three years of running GTA Online, a few easily recognizable patterns have emerged.

One golden rule, so to say, is that the game almost always received new DLC on Tuesdays. Be they major updates or just small intermittent mini-DLCs that toss in a car and maybe an Adversary Mode, Tuesday was always the scheduled launch.

Another tell-tale sign is that a longer-than-usual round of bonuses and discounts will be expiring tomorrow, as Rockstar’s official social media pages helpfully point out. Today is the last day to enjoy the double cash and RP handed out by the newest Adversary Mode, Collection Time, Clubhouse Contracts and vehicle exports.

These bonuses, coupled with a handful of 25% discounts on items ranging from Benny’s upgrades to tattoos amounted to one of GTA Online’s meatier round of discounts, and they’ve been around longer than most, as the standard duration of these events is one week.

While we have gotten some DLC in 2017 already, it’s just been a new car and the aforementioned Adversary Mode – nothing substantial. Whether tomorrow marks the release of 2017’s first real update or a confirmation that things are winding down (which is highly unlikely), at least we’ll know what to expect going forward in terms of new content.

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