GTA Online Cheaters Pool Coming


We predicted it here over 6 months ago – Rockstar appears to have included a new “cheaters pool” for Grand Theft Auto Online in the soon to be released patch 1.04.

Exactly what sort of actions will get you into the cheaters pool are yet to be determined, but it looks like persistent glitching will get you placed into a special lobby for cheaters only for a period of one month. We also think it’s highly likely that more serious stuff like hacking/modding will get you either outright banned or placed in the cheaters pool for life.

More information is unfortunately not yet available as patch 1.04 has not been officially released, however it is expected to arrive some time this week. We’ll be among the first to bring you the details when that happens.

Also, we want to make it clear that this in no way relates to the cheat codes we have listed for the single player/story mode part of the game. You are free to cheat there without fear of anything bad happening (expect your ability to earn Achievements/Trophies being disabled for that gaming session).

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