GTA Online Cancer Awareness Ride Videos Uploaded

It seems even the GTA V community does not know how to react to the game being used for a good cause. Ever since the GTA Online MC Cervical Cancer Awareness Ride took place the organizers have been posting about it on most major GTA V subreddits and the general public reaction has been less than exemplary (we did get some good support on our own Facebook page though).

The participating crews have since uploaded videos of the awareness ride showing off what they actually did during this event. Unfortunately not much awareness was raised as every post related to the ride either had no comments or just one or two questioning the point of it. Some commenters dismissed the whole event as a “moral superiority thing”.

We’ve praised the GTA V community to be an enlightened and creative bunch and stated on several occasions that is is absolutely unlike what the “outsiders” generally think. We still stand by this but damn guys, this ain’t okay.

Granted, doing a cancer awareness ride in GTA Online might not be the most logical idea that would come to someone’s mind but we are talking about one of the most popular online games here. While the ride didn’t generate a lot of publicity much of that can be attributed to how little of a shit was given by the community. These guys have their hearts in the right place and were doing what they were doing for a good cause.

Online gaming, as it is become more and more mainstream is becoming a prime channel for this sort of thing. Granted while GTA Online, with its relatively small lobbies and typical audience may not be the best choice but doing awareness events in MMOs, for example, would be a perfect way to expand the reach of the given campaign.

We usually reserve this space for a question. This time, we’d just like to ask you all to spread the word on this.

What do you think? Sound off below!

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