GTA Online Bikers Snapmatic Competition Winners Announced

Another DLC, another round of awesome GTA Online shots getting featured on the Newswire. The recently released and highly praised Bikers update for Online brought with it the standard issue Snapmatic competition with the $1,000,000 reward, announced upon the update’s release. Rockstar has now announced who the lucky – or skilled- winners of the competition are.


Rockstar has taken on the tradition of hosting Snapmatic competitions whenever it releases a new major DLC update for GTA Online, the company’s flagship title and primary source of revenue. These competitions task players to use the in-game Snapmatic function to take pictures focusing on the new content added to the game by the DLC in question.

Over the years, many a contest has been held, and in some cases we’ve even seen the same user pop up once again among the winners. These competitions offer those players who have an artsy bone in them and are keen on photography to get featured on Rockstar’s frontpage and take home 1 million in GTA Online currency.


Bikers, the DLC in the spotlight of this particular competition, offered quite a bit of content worthy of photographing. The multitude of new bikes, the crummy clubhouses, the seedy new businesses – all of these perfectly represent the new update, and they make good material for photos too.

Obviously, the main focus of the images are the bikes themselves, and the neither the clubhouses nor the businesses are shown off in the winning photos. The bikes on offer, however, are truly magnificent, and the images which took home the prizes definitely deserved it.


First up, we have an image wreathed in flames. A stylish fuel-tank with flames painted on it in the foreground, and a blazing ranch in the background show that this crew means business, and that if you play with fire, you’re going to get burned. Note that while pyromania is not required for joining and MC, it is highly recommended.


Displaying a masterful use of color, angle and composition comes in this grimy shot showcasing one of the update’s cheapest bikes. The Rat Bike is a dirty, banged up hog that’s barely holding together -and that’s the way some of us love it. This image seems to revel in the grit of this GTA Online vehicle instead of trying to cover it up.


This shot would work great as a logo or box-art for some Biker themed game. Taking the tried and true trope of “riding off into the sunset” and adding a unique twist to it works out great for player BearandGun who won the prize with a neat minimalist shot. This image may be the most representative of the feeling of freedom that bikers cite when asked why they ride.


One of the new weapons also gets a bit of showtime in this winning shot. The Compact Grenade Launcher is a pretty destructive little toy, especially when it comes to taking out targets in vehicles quickly. This shot perfectly showcases just what a shot from the CGL will do to your average four wheeler.


Last but not least is a shot shining the spotlight on one of Biker’s funnest additions – melee on bikes. Whether you’re in the mood to swing blunt objects or simply take a boot to your opponent’s squishy parts, the new feature is certainly the source of more than just a bit of entertainment.

Rockstar has also selected a few honorable mentions whom, while missing out on the neat one million reward, had their images shared via the Newswire, gaining them a bit of internet fame in the very least.

Which of the winning shots is your favorite?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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