GTA Online: Bikers Launching Tomorrow

Possibly the most anticipated update ever to be announced for GTA Online, Bikers, is launching tomorrow worldwide on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Surprisingly enough, we haven’t gotten a trailer for the update yet, and very few details have been revealed. In past cases when major DLC packs were announced, Rockstar published a wealth of information ahead of launch.


Of course, there were cases where the given DLC was announced the same day it was released. With Bikers, however, we’ve got a major update much like Further Adventures in Finance and Felony as well as Executives and Other Criminals, both of which had quite a bit of run-up before release.

What we know so far about Bikers is that it will add a mechanic to GTA Online wherein players may form their own Motorcycle clubs with up to 8 members. As far as we know, these are independent of Crews, which are the equivalents of clans or guilds. The update will also be bringing new clothing items, weapons, tattoos and other character customization features as well.


Of course, the main new addition to the game will be a motherload of new bikes with which to fill your (already full) garages. Hopefully this means the update will raise the cap on garages any character may own. Some of the screenshots released of the soon launching GTA Online update showcased a few of the new rides, but we don’t doubt that more will be added than what has been teased.

Bikers is also bringing new ways to earn cash to the table. Various clandestine businesses, including what may be a seedy drug lab or a money laundering ring, will be up for the taking. Chances are these will be competitive with CEO work, offering GTA Online players an alternative way of saving up for the big purchases. You’ll likely have to protect these businesses from other players and the police.


With not much more revealed, speculation in the community has run rampant. People have already formulated suggestions to issues that might crop up in the update. We ourselves have taken a look at the potential return of a beloved character, as well as the implications of Bikers for the future of GTA Online.

Are you excited about GTA Online: Bikers launching tomorrow?

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