GTA Online Would Benefit From A Battle Royale Mode

Whenever long stretches of time pass in between the release of two major GTA Online DLCs, the community always flares up in terms of speculation as to what kind of content they hope to see in the game. Of course, that speculation is there at all times, because this is the Grand Theft Auto community we are talking about, but it gets more frequent whenever there isn’t any new content to chew over.


Plenty of great ideas have been spawned by this effect. A few of them have been implemented in the game over time. Some are turned into mods. Others just get a ton of comments with people reiterating how cool that given feature would be. You can’t expect Rockstar to implement every single idea that gets a dozen upvotes on Reddit, after all.

One of the newest feature ideas that gained some traction in the GTA community is the idea of adding a Battle Royale kind of mode to Online. For the young ones among you, that would pretty much be Hunger Games.


The idea calls for a lobby where both the main map and minimap is disabled, players are given the weakest pistol with low ammo and the objective is to kill everyone else. One life, no respawns. There would be no PEDs or NPC cars driving around the map. Weapons, vehicles and consumables would be extremely scarce and hidden in strategic locations, with the Military Base housing the best gear, but it would be defended by NPC soldiers.

Of course, to make something like this work in GTA Online, quite a bit of fine-tuning would be required. Many players have suggested additional mechanics to prevent matches turning into several-hour long games of boring cat-and-mouse. After a set amount of time, a sudden-death zone would appear on the outskirts of the map and slowly decrease in size, forcing players close together, similar to “Penned In”.


Another possible solution to this would be starting off with a smaller area from the get go instead of letting the players traipse across the whole map, and impose a health decay feature that can only be halted by scoring a kill. Another way to prevent matches from dragging on too long would be a periodic “sonar blip” of sorts being released every 5-10 minutes to show where the other players are.

Either way, this would be a pretty time consuming game-mode, no matter how Rockstar mixes and matches things. The payouts should be adjusted accordingly, making it a higher reward activity due to the higher investment of time required from players. Seeing as GTA Online’s Adversary Modes have been plagued by low payouts, one of the main causes of their low number of players, this mode would have to avoid that route in order to ensure a decent amount of people playing it.


While this game mode would be pretty far from being grounded in reality, Adversary Modes have always been pretty crazy and out there. Even if this Battle Royale game type wouldn’t act as an Adversary Mode, with the recent Cunning Stunts update taking a leap into fantasy-land, anything could happen.

Would you enjoy such a gamemode in GTA Online?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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