GTA Online On A Bad Day (Video)

You’ve all heard the horror stories about GTA Online’s hacker issue. Some of you have experienced it. For the former, this can be a bit of insight into what a particularly hackeritious day in the game is like – for the latter, this is a funny “yeah, been there” experience.


GTA 5’s Rockstar Editor is a tool of wondrous potential. It allows players to record gameplay and go back to edit it, alter the camera angle, add effects, cut the footage – it hands players a whole video editing suite within the game.

This has been used for all kinds of purposes. Trailer recreations – of both the satirical and serious varieties – and original content both find their place besides droves of zero effort “funny moments” videos.


Of course, on occasion the Rockstar Editor also proved to be a way of parodying GTA 5 itself. The way the prices of end-game items, vehicles and specials (such as the yachts) are set pretty high, while acquiring cash is slow and difficult has drawn a bit of ire for promoting Shark Cards, but then that’s why we’re still getting free DLC.

The hacker problem has been pretty prominent when it comes to GTA Online discussion. As unfortunate as it is, there are plenty of ways to counter them and avoid them altogether. However, the hackers and jokes about them have become a part of GTA Online “culture”.


Monarch, a Youtuber and player of Online put together a video – possibly after a day filled with hackers – which parodies the game by focusing on the few negative aspects and emphasizing them.

Full of players with props spawned into their characters, random windmills, a skateboard park spawned into a garage, random Shark Card adverts everywhere – it’s all of the bad GTA Online Reddit threads rolled into one video.

Have you ever encountered two players encased in an upside down shark with a cow sticking out of it? Maybe silver Insurgents were raining over your GTA Online session, or a green boat was seen soaring through the sky.

The Shark Card ads sprinkled throughout the in addition to the obviously glitched/modded outfits give it further satirical undertones. Obviously, this is just jabbing fun at the game and isn’t to be taken seriously on any level.


Incidentally, Rockstar often offers reverse-discount promos on the Shark Cards, which means that instead of being discounted, they offer more in-game cash for the same buying price. On the flip side, various online retailers offer cheaper Shark Card Codes.

Shark Cards are the microtransaction system implemented in GTA Online, giving players various tiers of purchases ranging from the low range of three bucks all the way to one hundred (not so micro anymore, eh?), offering from $100,000 to $8,000,000 in in-game currency.


Shark Cards, in spite of the disapproving minority, have caught on and are exceedingly popular among players who value time over a few bucks. Rockstar has amassed half a billion USD in profits from microtransactions.

How often do your GTA Online sessions turn out to be like the video?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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