GTA Online Adversary Mode Tips And Tricks

Rockstar is continuing their trend of occasionally compiling and posting various lists of tips to use in GTA Online on the Newswire, their own personal news site. They’ve previously done a multipart guide to the Freemode Events update as well as a trio of guides for Executives and Other Criminals looking at different aspects. However, recently Rockstar has been hot on releasing new Adversary Modes en masse and players might need a bit of direction in how to make the most of them.


Among the most recent additions (aside from today’s Inch By Inch) are Sumo, Rhino Hunt and Drop Zone. These three new-ish modes comprise the line-up of the newest guide released by Rockstar. With Adversary Modes often being the subject of various double RP and GTA $ promos during event weeks, these tips will come in handy when you’re looking to collect a bit of cash without repeating the same missions.


The first on the chopping board is Sumo, the latest of the Adversary Modes this guide concerns. Sumo was introduced in the recent Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC. As the name suggests, the goal here is to knock out either everyone else, or just the enemy team, of the area in which the match is played.

Regardless of which variation you find yourself playing, vehicle choice is key – probably more so when in a team than when going solo. The biggest and meanest ride in your garage might look appealing at first, however something nimble might be a better choice at times. When you’re having at it with a team, you’ll need to coordinate with your compatriots to make sure you’ve got all the bases covered with a wide variety of vehicles.

Whenever two opponents are more or less equally matched, it pays off to lend a hand instead of hunting your own prey. Depending on the score, sometimes sacrificing yourself or a team-mate in a tactical move to take the last of the enemy with you might be a smart thing to do. If you’re the one even matched with an enemy, remember to ease off whenever your wheels spin out – forcing the throttle will get you nowhere. A great tactic to end a stalemate is to suddenly reverse and evade to one side, which might cause the enemy to speed off an edge.

Keep in mind that the handbrakes are disabled, so powering full pelt into an enemy only works if you actually hit your target. Any measure of inaccuracy might leave you tumbling into defeat by your own hands. You’ll also do well to keep track of the more treacherous parts of the map – your opponents might finish each other off.

On larger maps, that safe zone is usually at the center. Sticking to this area will also help if there is no winner when time runs out, as the sudden death area will keep decreasing towards the map’s center.


Rhino Hunt

Moving on to what is possibly the least balanced (on purpose) Adversary Mode in GTA Online, Rhino Hunt tips will help make a one-sided conflict more fair. Quick hunters with infinite lives have 3 minutes to take out one or two Rhino tanks with an inexhaustible supply of stick bombs. The smaller hunter vehicles are vulnerable, but quick compared to the cumbersome tank.

As a hunter, getting in hits to the rear of the tank is desirable, as those detonations do more damage. If you’re really lucky and skilled, bombing the ass of the Rhino will take it out with just 7 stickies.

Solo hunters are bound to fail. If you charge your prey in unison, at least some of you will make it through to get some shots in. You might even lay a trap, as the tanks are allowed less wiggle space than the hunters. These traps can also be set by placing sticky bombs in the path of the tanks, not on them directly.

Staying hidden is just as crucial as staying in motion. Hide behind any obstacle or out-cropping, and kill the lights when playing in darkness. Rhinos can’t shoot what they can’t see.


If you’re up for theatrics, you can always load one hunter with as many sticky bombs as can fit and send them to ram the tank. The damage from the bombs stack, so one good maneuver can end the match – meaning you’ll be the Rhino the next round.

When this happens, you’ll need to switch tactics. You should find a nice corner or alley with as few possible vectors of approach as possible, since then the hunters can only come at you from one direction. If this isn’t possible, make sure to keep moving and make use of ramps – your weight is just as good a weapon as your cannon.


You can strategize if there are two tanks in play. Set up overlapping patrol zones or go back-to-back to cover all of your bases. Make sure to keep an eye on your map too, as you’ll have no more than 15 seconds to get back into the play area if you leave.

Drop Zone

Bringing up the rear of the list is Drop Zone, the Adversary Mode which makes you feel like you’re in a World War II movie. Jumping out of a plane in high altitude, landing with aid from a parachute and clashing with an opposing force for control of territory is about as 1945 as you can get without storming some beaches.

When you’re on the defensive, try to find a balance between teammates capturing the area within the smoke and teammates taking up tactical positions – such as a sniper taking higher ground – out of bounds. Keep in mind that enemies might have their own snipers in hiding, so don’t stay idle.

Having some outriders allows for a heroic return should the capturing members be killed off. Riding in from a hidden spot to save the day may be the difference between victory and defeat. You should also occasionally dash for nearby health pickups, since it’s better to lose time than to lose a life.


If you’d rather cripple your enemies before they have a chance to fight, you can always riddle their chutes with holes causing them to veer off course and come in hard, dealing plenty of damage, giving you the advantage.

You can expect to get some tips for the newest Adversary Mode, Inch by Inch to be posted sometime soon once the next two are released. We know that there will be at least one other sports related Adversary Mode coming to GTA Online sometime soon, however what Rockstar has in store for us beyond that is a mystery to us all.


Among the most hotly requested Adversary Modes is a “cops and robbers” mode, based on the mechanics of the mode of the same name from the previous game in the series, GTA IV. Recently discovered customization options for the police cruiser have revived the community’s desire for a police related DLC in wake of months of lowrider-themed content updates.

Incidentally, the Vapid Minivan Custom is now available for purchase and pimping in GTA Online. Head over to Benny’s to buy and customize your newest crew troop transport.

Which of the new GTA Online Adversary Modes is your favorite? What kinds of modes would you like to see in the future?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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