GTA Online Adversary Mode Tips – Part 2

We’re continuing our coverage on the various tips and hints Rockstar has posted to help players with the recently added Adversary Modes in GTA Online. If the past weekend’s event was anything to go by, we’ll be getting chances to earn double GTA$ and RP with Adversary Modes quite often, which is also backed up by the rate at which Rockstar is adding these modes to the game. To check out the first post in this series click here.



Slasher was added to GTA Online with the Halloween Surprise update, and is one of the few features of the DLC which remained active after the event timer was up. Somewhat similar to the newer Every Bullet Counts, Slasher requires players to think ahead. As one of the Hunted, you’ll do well to ignore the flashlight the game gives you, and only use it as a weapon, lest you give away your location. Once you have your shotguns, don’t group up, but sweep the map systematically.



In Relay, victory depends on your driving skills and sense of timing. You should always communicate with your teammate, and get ready for the changeover. You switch at the end of each lap, so keep your teammate apprised of your location so they can prepare in their pen. If they position themselves correctly, and your timing is spot on, they’ll leave the pen in the exact split second of the changeover. While waiting for your teammate, it is good practice to switch over to spectating them.


Keep The Pace

In Keep The Pace, your very life depends on going fast. If you drop below the minimum speed, you blow right up, and said minimum speed increases with each lap, so if you plan on knocking other players out, do so in the first few rounds. If you want to go safe, only bump players midair – you can still control the flight, but they’ll be knocked right off course.

Which GTA Online Adversary Mode do you need the most practice in?

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