GTA Online Adversary Mode Tips – Part 1

Rockstar has been adding Adversary Mode after Adversary mode to GTA Online in recent months, and players have hardly had a chance to get familiar with them all. After recently hosting a double RP and GTA$ weekend on all Adversary Modes, chances are this will be a recurring theme and Rockstar wants to give players some tips on dominating the matches.


Every Bullet Counts

In Every Bullet Counts, playing smart is probably more important than any other game mode. When the match starts, you should always try to avoid any encounter initially, allowing your enemies to kill and/or weaken each other. Keep your ears peeled, note the exact number of gunshots that go off, and adjust your strategy accordingly. Luring players into a trap by allowing your location to be shown on the map for a split second is a great, if risky tactic.

Running Back

Players have expressed their dissatisfaction over the alleged incompetence of the vast majority of team-mates when it comes to the Running Back mode. For the defensive team, the best tactic is for one of the defenders to stay back, while the others form a barricade and move up the map, keeping check of their zones, forming a wall of sorts. Should the runner break through, they always have their backup to slow it down, giving the other defenders time to double back.


As the offensive team, you should adopt a similar wall tactic, with one member checking one defender. This way they’ll be tasked to capacity, and can’t focus on the Runner. The Runner, on the other hand, should stay away from the walls to keep its options open, as getting penned in is practically equal to immediate defeat.

For tips on Slasher, Keep the Pace and Relay, check out our next article.

Which of the new Adversary Modes is your favorite?

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