GTA Online: Over $60 Million in Microtransactions


There is a good deal of controversy amongst fans about microtransactions, which enable you to purchase items and other things for GTA Online with real money, from within the game. Well, it’s certainly working out for Take-Two (Rockstar’s parent company).

Take-Two said GTA Online microtransactions made up almost half of their digital revenue for the quarter. Since their digital sales revenue for that quarter came out to $132.8 million, that means GTA Online brought in approximately $66.4 million.

That’s a pretty impressive number, and it shows the free-to-play/microtransaction model certainly works for a game as popular as Grand Theft Auto. So much for the analysts who predicted GTA Online wouldn’t be a large source of profits.

How do you feel about this? Let us know your thoughts on GTA Online’s success and microtransactions in general.

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