GTA Isn’t Getting A Sequel; GTA Online Is

Not a week passes without future (potential) GTA V single player content being buried yet another league deeper into the cold embrace of the earth.

We all know the tale of how, not long after the release of GTA V, Rockstar teased that the exploits of Michael, Trevor and Franklin would be further explored. GTA V Story DLC would be coming, but Take Two Interactive then disagreed.


Players held on to the dream however. Rumors were born and references were found in the code. Rockstar held a closed-door press conference at Gamescom, and GTA V’s voice actors kept pulling the community’s leg.

The newest chapter we can add to this ever expanding tragedy is one that rings all too familiar. Shawn Fonteno, professional voice actor and master troll, portrayed Franklin Clinton in GTA V and took to Instagram to pull the community into a little trap once more.

After pulling a similar Instagram troll as last time, it is clear that Fonteno knows there is no Story DLC coming, he’s just mocking us. However, it’s not like Rockstar has kicked back to relax and enjoy the massive income GTA V has generated. They’re developing content for Online with full force, as foreshadowed by Freemode Events, however their explicit focus on Online suggests a trend for the future.

It has become more and more plausible as time passes that the next installment of the GTA franchise might just drop the solo play entirely. It is clear that GTA Online is bringing in the real money, meaning that GTA VI might actually be GTA O2 instead. Imagine playing through story mode in a co-op like environment with other players running around doing all their missions (and everything else) too! If done in the right way, and given we’re talking about Rockstar Games here we have to assume it will be, that presents some amazing possibilities. GTA Online’s success, guarantees that this “MMO component” will be getting plenty of attention.

Have you come to terms with GTA V not getting story DLC? How about the idea of the next GTA foregoing a purely single player experience all together?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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