GTA 6 City Of The Week: Dallas


GTA 6 City of the Week is a weekly article series here on GTA 5 Cheats. Every week, we will evaluate a different city in the United States, gauging how well it would fit GTA 6 as a setting.


The past week was mainly dominated by E3 in terms of gaming news. Some pretty interesting games were showcased at the event, however few were truly announced at the show, as we knew about most already thanks to teasers and leaks.

It goes to show how influential of a video game GTA V turned out to be, as despite being over three years old, the game got compared to multiple games shown off at the show, primarily Watch_Dogs 2. The comparisons were so frequent, that one of the developers on Ubisoft’s new game had to address the question in an interview, assuring players that they’re doing their own thing.

Even so, fans of Rockstar’s creations were following the show with eager excitement, waiting for that big reveal that Take-Two Interactive were teasing for the past few months. They were stringing players along with declarations of being at the show in a “major way” and later confirming that a new game is in the works over at Rockstar.

Since the only 2K game, Mafia 3, was announced way before E3 and only a few trailers were shown, which is hardly a major presence, players were sure Rockstar would show up during one of the later days. Now that E3 is over and Rockstar didn’t present, there are a few theories as to why, but more on that tomorrow.

While it was pretty much guaranteed that no GTA VI info would be revealed this early on (chances are we won’t be seeing a release for the next five years or so), now that E3 is over we can finally rest easy and stop worrying about the longevity of this article series.

To celebrate this, let’s jump into our next city without any further ado. Time to see if the next city will turn out as fruitful for GTA as it did for the Ewing family!



Dallas serves as a major economic center of both Texas and the southern United States as a whole. The city itself is the urban center of the surrounding metropolitan area, which happens to be the fourth largest in the whole country. Situated in northern Texas, the city is mainly located in the county of the same name, however due to the proliferation of urban sprawl, bits of it are hanging over into four other counties.

Dallas was always something of an economic powerhouse, however it never quite made its way to the top – but this hasn’t stopped it from trying. Dallas is leading the entire USA in terms of year-by-year growth, surpassing the Washington D.C. area in terms of GDP in 2014 and showing signs of soon knocking one of the top three metropolitan areas out and taking its place soon, possibly even as soon as 2017.

While it might be easy to assume that the entirety of the Dallas economy is centered around the production and distribution of merchandise related to the legendary show of the same name, people who actually watched it will know that the city made its money off oil and farming. The oil, cattle and cotton industries made Dallas something of an economic nexus. Providing three resources for which demand markedly spikes during wartime allowed Dallas to grow exponentially during the first half of the 20th century. However, seeing as demand for these resources has hardly dropped in peacetime, Dallas continues to rise.

The city proper is surrounded by a number of other large, economically significant cities forming the metropolitan area we mentioned. Due to urbanization, this has resulted in a massive area covered by city. Even so, there are some areas of wilderness in the form of prairies around the city, as well as a number of pretty big lakes.


Fort Worth, Irving, Arlington, DeSoto and Plano are the closest, conjoined cities, with Denton a bit further north separated by some sub- and non-urban areas. The proximity of prairies and presence of lakes, as well as multiple other large settlements both joined and otherwise make the region surrounding the city prime for use in a GTA game.

The city also has more than a passing significance in American history, though the event isn’t a happy one, unfortunately. In 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas by Lee Harvey Oswald, who delivered the fatal shot from a sixth story window. The assassination has sparked countless conspiracy theories, many of which are still popular today.



Other than the above stated tragedy, Dallas has a pretty mid-range violent crime rate (12.06 per 1000 residents). This is lower than some of the other cities we’ve evaluated, such as Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Boston, but higher than Houston. Interestingly enough, this rate is also higher than that of New York City and Los Angeles, both of which have been used as settings for GTA games.

Dallas has your run of the mill gang activity, with human and drug trafficking being higher than in cities north or east of it, due to the proximity to Mexico. Like Houston, Dallas is something of a “pitstop” for illegal immigrants and narcotics smugglers on their way deeper into the country.


Now, we’re not joking here, but the wide international popularity of the Dallas TV series actually helps the city in this regard significantly. Granted, the target audiences – especially in terms of age group – are completely different from the two, but the pop-culture impact of the show is still significant. Most people have at least seen the opening credits, right?


Certain buildings, such as the Santa Fe Terminal Complex, or the city hall are pretty iconic, however the city doesn’t quite have the international recognition of some of the other settings we’ve evaluated in these articles.


Potential Story

While Rockstar might consider a story based around a conspiracy tying back to the Kennedy assassination linking it with organised crime in the city a tad too controversial for comfort, it is the most apparent venue for a possible story for a GTA game set in Dallas. Of course, the whole thing would be a fictional version of it with different names, but the source material would be obvious.


The other possible direction for the story is to expand on the highly active drug trafficking trade in the city. Linking it with the oil industry in a way that a major oil corporation has secret ties to the criminal underworld would provide a story base that is inherently linked with the setting, yet broad enough for Rockstar’s writers to explore a branching plot.

Final Verdict:


Pros: Great geography, decent crime rate, story potential

Cons: Moderate recognition, negative historical connotation

Overall, Dallas would serve as a pretty damn solid GTA map. While it may not be a widely recognized as NYC or LA, it has enough assets in other areas to more than make up for it. The geography and story potential with the oil company linked to crime particularly win the city some serious bonus points.

Which city would you like us to look at next week?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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