GTA 5 Wins Both Steam Awards Nominations

You can never have enough awards

At this point GTA 5 has become something of a hoarder. If this game swipes any awards next year as well, other major releases might just have to stage an intervention.  Alas, the clock struck midnight and the year is 2017 pretty much everywhere, and so all end of year awards are wrapping up, including the inaugural Steam Awards.

We covered GTA 5’s double nomination in the first ever Steam Awards, hosted by Valve over the immensely popular digital distribution platform. These awards put a unique spin on the whole Game of the Year trend, by allowing users to nominate games from any year in a number of atypical categories, such as “villain most in need of a hug” and “just 5 more minutes”.

Both nominees and winners were selected based on community voting. Whereas for nominations, literally any game in the massive Steam store library could be voted for, only those which got through this phase could be chosen when voting proper. All voters were rewarded with Steam trading cards for taking part.

GTA 5 was nominated for two categories: “Whooooaaaa, dude!”, for generally impressive titles and “Game within a game” for containing a large range of mini-games, side activities and optional content. Considering that recently released earnings reports show that the game is gaining popularity instead of winding down, it isn’t surprising that enough fans voted for it to win both awards.

Only two other titles got double nominations, namely Euro Truck Simulator 2 and The Witcher 2: Wild Hunt. Funnily enough, Euro Truck also won two awards, while The Witcher 3 won nothing. This is quite rare for CD Projekt Red’s recent RPG, as it too has been grabbing awards left and right.

Amid the tide of most 2016 GOTY awards picking one of the same two-three AAA releases over and over again, it’s refreshing to see Valve take this awards period and do something unique with it, instead of being just another predictable and pointless prize-show.

Did you guys vote for GTA 5 in the Steam Awards?

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