GTA 5: The Top Cheat Codes

Rockstar’s overwhelmingly popular open-world action adventure franchise GTA has always heavily featured built-in cheat codes, which either grant players significant advantages in gameplay, provide them with vehicles and items or activate various entertaining gameplay modifiers.


Cheats have been an integral part of the franchise since the beginning, and GTA 5 is no exception. With the release of the enhanced editions, for the first time in the history of the franchise players could also use phone cheats instead of the button combinations, though this original and loved method of activating the codes is still functional.

While deactivated in GTA Online for obvious reasons, cheats in single player aren’t something you “shouldn’t use”, since they are as much part of the standard Grand Theft Auto experience as any other feature. There are plenty of cheats to pick and choose from with which you can augment your session.


If you happen to be looking for GTA 5 cheats, you’re in the perfect place – in case the site’s name didn’t tick you off. GTA 5 Cheats is the number one website purveying codes for Rockstar’s latest hit release. Of course, we’ve branched out and feature the best in-depth guides for both single player and Online, as well as daily news coverage, bringing you all the breaking headlines regarding the game.

We’ve also launched our app some time ago, allowing users to access our cheats database with fewer clicks (taps) on their smart devices, making it easier to hit up the necessary info while playing. Plenty of people have started using the app due to the convenience factor – you can give it a download here for Android and here for iOS.


Based on data collected from both our site and our app, we’ve compiled this list of the top 10 most popular cheats for GTA 5. If this is your first time using cheats in the game, we suggest trying these out first to give you a great first feel for the new opportunities opened up by using the codes.

10 – Flaming Bullets

While incendiary ammo does exist in real life, there are no weapons in GTA 5 which use such rounds by default. This is probably the case for the sake of realism, as all kinds of incendiary ammunition types are strictly controlled in the USA, unlike regular firearms.


The Flaming Bullets cheat makes all of your shots, regardless of weapon, set everything on fire that they touch. Vehicles, enemies, innocent bystanders – all dynamic objects in the game will immolate upon impact. This is one of the milder cheats in GTA 5, as they do not break the lore or the sense of realism. Using these rounds will greatly increase your damage output.

9 – Explosive Melee Attacks

This is pretty much the whacky and crazy cousin of the previous cheat. Instead of making your bullets set things on fire, you can now do so with your fists. And feet, of course. This is where GTA 5’s cheats take a turn for the over-the-top.


Kicks and punches don’t only set things and people on fire, but also cause a blast and shockwave to mimic an actual explosion. This is more than just a fire-punch, here. You’ll be sending your enemies soaring through the air while in fire with this cheat!

8 – Max Health and Armor

This is your run of the mill “oh shit I’m going to die” cheat. It instantly restores all of your health and armor to maximum, though it does not grant you invincibility or god mode or anything like that. It’s more of a one time pick-me-up when you’re in a tight spot rather than a long-term cheesing method (there are other cheats for that).


Activating this cheat doesn’t put your health and armor on constant recharge, meaning if you start nearing death again after use, you’ll need to activate it again to get you your much needed boost. You might end up using this cheat often if you decide to pass the time in-game by messing with Madrazo.

7 – Super Jump

Having shaken off the shackles of realism by the second cheat in this list, we’re sticking strongly to the theme of outlandish super-powers. Players seemingly really like leaping around the world of GTA 5, as the super jump cheat is more popular than something like explosive melee attacks. Honestly, I find this surprising – I mean, what is cooler than explosive melee attacks?


Either way, the community seems to disagree. If the “regular” super jump still isn’t enough for you, holding down the jump button will further increase the height and distance of the jumps.

6 – Explosive Ammo

Explosive punches only land 9th place, but this beats super jump? Oh well. Veering back to reality from crazy-land for a short respite, this cheat once again introduces an alternate ammo type to GTA 5 which also exists in real life. High explosive rounds take the “go boom” route instead of setting things on fire of the incendiary ammo.


Like the punches, these shots now blow stuff and people up while also setting things on fire. We’re seeing a trend here – Rockstar is bound to make a killing if they market GTA VI to pyromaniacs.

5 – Fast Run

While this particular GTA 5 cheat doesn’t turn you into the Flash (there is a mod for that), it does drastically increase your sprinting speed. How does something so mundane beat things like explosive punches? Well, a higher-than-normal sprint speed isn’t too outlandish, however it does make movement quicker (obviously) when you don’t have access to vehicles.


This particular cheat can make progressing through certain missions much easier, particularly if said missions force you to go at it on foot. The various activities packed into GTA 5 offer plenty of opportunities where this cheat comes in handy.

4 – Drunk Mode

Really, community? Really?


So drunk mode doesn’t actually help you in any way, nor does it enhance the playing experience. If you absolutely, positively want your screen to be blurry and your character to slalom while you’re pushing forward, activate this.


Sure, it might be funny and entertaining seeing Michael, Franklin or Trevor bumble around shitfaced, but you too will probably feel sick after having this active for too long.

3 – Invincibility

The good old God Mode. As old as video game cheats themselves, some form of this cheat has been present in every GTA game released. Of course, becoming impervious to any and all forms of damage makes the game incredibly easy (though some objectives may still be failed), sometimes you just want to go full-on serial killer and mow down tons of virtual pedestrians without having to worry about cops killing you.


If that’s the case, we strongly advise meeting a therapist. Just in case.

2 – Give Weapons

So, you’re all beefed up with invincibility, but feel like going at a killing-spree with just your dusty old fists isn’t efficient enough? First of all, refer to our closing advice from the previous entry, and second of all, use this cheat.


The Give Weapons cheat is yet another one that is popular in all of gaming, not just GTA 5. This gives you a complete arsenal of all the weapons in the game, fully loaded (when applicable). Countless rifles, SMGs, pistols, an RPG, a Minigun, a fictitious Railgun all become available for your psychopathic needs.

Or, you know, maybe you’re just doing a story mission and ran out of ammo or something. We’re not assume everyone who uses this cheat is a mass murderer.

1 – Spawn Duke O’Death


So how does a vehicle spawning cheat come out on top? Is it some kind of super-awesome flaming cyber-tank which is constantly emitting a death-aura? Is it a stylised jetpack with skulls all over it? Is it literally the private ride of the grim reaper?

Well, surprisingly enough, neither. It’s just black and kinda durable. The Duke O’Death is a modified Imponte Dukes with armor plating, a stronger engine and a rollcage. It is pretty great for ramming other vehicles and damaging enemy cars by crashing into them at high speeds, as the player won’t sustain damage.


Even though this is a cheat for spawning the vehicle, it must first be unlocked by completing a randomly spawning event called “Duel” if you win, you’ll be able to spawn this murderous ride whenever you so wish.

Sure, it’s cool, slick and ramming other cars is fun, but we’re honestly quite surprised that this cheat came out on top. Either way, the numbers don’t lie and the people have spoken. The number one cheat for GTA 5 is the code that spawns a Duke O’Death.


While these are the ten most popular cheats around, they are hardly the only ones. There are tons of cheats out there, affecting several aspects of gameplay. Depending on system, you can check out the cheats for your platform either through our app, or by navigating to the cheats section of this site via the menu bar at the top of this page. Happy cheating!

Which GTA 5 cheat is your personal favorite? Is it among this top ten list?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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