Upcoming GTA 5 Graphics Mod Unveiled

The world of graphics modding in GTA 5 is much removed from the regular modding community. While with other mods, the goals are adding fun aspects to the game, improving the gameplay experience, bringing new weapons and vehicles into the fray or just messing around, graphics modding is “serious business”. The creation and sharing of other mods is a lighthearted process done just for the fun of it.


Graphics modding on the other hand is rife with rivalry, harsh criticism and even deceit. There are a handful of well known and popular graphics mods out their, with their users defending their mod of choice with the ferocity of tipsy football fans. Anyone who uses a different mod is the enemy.

Getting some of these graphics mods to work on your machine – provided you have a strong enough rig – takes about as much tweaking as is required to run a pre-2000 game on Windows 10 without an official compatibility patch at hand.


Josh Romito is a well known name in video game graphics modding circles. He has a pretty solid reputation for making some of the highest quality graphical overhauls. He has been working on a massive GTA 5 graphics mod for quite some time now, occasionally digging himself out of the hard work to share some work-in-progress screenshots.

As you can see, the mod is coming along real nice. Ever since it has been known that he put his head to GTA 5, everyone assumed that the mod known as GTA5Redux will come out to be a rival of long standing champions SweetFX and ENB.


Something the images don’t convey, however, is that GTA5Redux will also feature a completely reworked physics system as well as a new way of managing weapons in the game. There is no projected release date for the mod yet.

Have you been following the development of GTA5Redux?

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