GTA 5 Used To Remake RDR2 Announcement Trailer

Because of course it is

No, cows cannot stop the train in GTA 5. Sheesh.

As we all know well from our Top Videos of the Week lists, the GTA 5 fan community has a thing for using the Rockstar Editor to make all kinds of video content. A sizeable chunk of these fan videos are recreations – be they the trailers of upcoming blockbusters of the title sequences of popular TV series, both serious and satirical versions pop up all over the place.

Since there is a sizeable overlap between the audiences of GTA 5 and Rockstar’s upcoming wild west open-world action-adventure game, Red Dead Redemption 2, it was pretty much inevitable for the announcement trailer of the latter to be remade using the former. In the weeks since the trailer first went live, many fans have tried their hand at recreating it, however one video has risen to distinction.

Freddy Los Santos has used the Rockstar Editor, GTA 5’s built-in video capture and editing suite, to perfectly remake the trailer scene-for-scene as best he could. The most notable thing about this particular recreation is that it doesn’t use any mods by virtue of having been made on the PS4.

The Rockstar Editor was introduced with the PC version of GTA 5, and was later added to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game alongside the Freemode Events DLC way back when. Most videos are still made on PC however, due to the expanded opportunities offered by mods.

Freddy tackled some of the shortcomings of GTA 5’s asset library in some interesting and funny ways. While exchanging horses – which are absent from the game – with bikes is a pretty obvious choice, it was a neat idea to substitute that herd of buffalo with one unfortunate and slow-running cow. That train probably has beef with cattle or something.

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