GTA 5 Nominated For 2 Steam Awards

Apparently the game “wowed” many players

This was the first year that Valve hosted the Steam Awards, a set of atypical end-of-year game award ceremony where the users of the digital distribution platform would vote for their favorite games in a number of categories. The nominees have been announced, and GTA 5 is running for not one, but two categories.

The Steam Awards is a new concept that tries to distinguish itself from the slew of standard game of the year awards being handed out by every game journalist and their dog by having strange and humorous categories. Between categories such as “I liked this game before it got an award” or “Just 5 more minutes”, the Steam Awards succeeded in standing out from the crowd.

The two categories GTA 5 is running for are “Game Within a Game” and “Whooooaaaaa Dude!”. The former is awarded to games with the best mini-games and optional content, while the latter is a vague and broad criteria for any game that impressed the voter with either a plot twist, stunning visuals, or basically anything at all.

Rockstar’s title is up against some tough competition on both counts. It should come as little surprise that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is also running for both of these categories. In the “Whooaaa Dude!” category, the title is also up against DOOM, Bioshock Infinite and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

In the “Game Within A Game” category, the other contestants include Garry’s Mode, The Stanley Parable and Tabletop Simulator. In all honesty, we don’t see GTA 5 winning this one, since The Witcher 3’s Gwent minigame will likely achieve a sweeping victory – it was turned into a standalone title, after all.

The “Whoooaaaa Dude!” award seems much more achievable for the title, seeing as the visuals on PC are astounding and the sheer scale of the game – as well as it’s implementation of player freedom – are considerably impressive.

Do you think GTA 5 will win any Steam Awards?

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