GTA 5 News Roundup: Sept. 24 – 30.

Up until last week, it was something of an unwritten tradition that each main USA-based GTA 6 City of the Week post began with an unofficial news roundup. This became written tradition last week when we added its own subtitle for clarity. However, for the sake of streamlining content, we’ve now decided to make the news roundup a separate post, which you will find posted every Friday, just like City of the Week.


As can be expected, this week was dominated by news related to Bikers, the upcoming highly anticipated update for GTA Online. This week, Rockstar has finally revealed the official release date of the DLC, which is coming on the 4th of October. Bikers marks a significant milestone in the history of Online, seeing as it was the most requested update by the community since launch, and it even spawned a highly successful petition.

While this was the only bit of concrete news Rockstar, we delved deeper into the subject offering deeper analysis into what Bikers might mean for the future of GTA Online, as well as speculation as to the possible return of Johnny Klebitz as a contact. The former of the two explored the possibility of this update being the start of a string of DLCs which cater to popular demand, such as a police themed update.


The second, in turn, explored and speculated about the idea that Rockstar would answer the public’s call for more contact missions in GTA Online but shining the spotlight on one of the most loved characters in the franchise. Johnny Klebitz was the protagonist of one of GTA 4’s DLCs, The Lost and Damned. While he met an untimely death in 5’s story, Online takes place before the story mode, so here he is still alive and well.

All that said, there was also plenty of non-Bikers coverage this week. The standard article covering the new week of bonuses in the game went up earliest, followed by our top videos of the past week. We also took on the spreading rumors about the alleged “cancellation” of GTA 6 proliferated by websites living off clickbait articles scraped from the bottom of the journalism barrel, offering detailed analysis as to why those claims are BS.


In our mid-week Foreign City of the Week, we took a look at Budapest, the capital of Hungary, which also happened to be the city where I lived for a while until recently. Our final verdict was that while it had potential, some factors keep it from being an ideal setting.

We also reported on the rather amusing news that North Korea’s intranet, which is isolated from the real world wide web, has fewer domains than the number of fake-websites in GTA 5. The news came after a glitch in the North Korean system temporarily allowed outside access to their network. Even though they quickly plugged the hole, the damage was done and everything spilled out. With just 28 domains, their system falls far short of Rockstar’s game, which has 83 websites.


Finally, we’ve looked at some suggestions and ideas regarding possible tweaks to the passive system. In its current state, the passive system caters to the griefers as much as it does to the legitimate GTA Online players trying to avoid said griefers. Randoms screwing around in Hydras have been a pain in the collective asses of players for a real long time, and it’s time the system used to counter them no longer helps them.

Which news story related to GTA 5 did you find most interesting this week?

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