GTA 5 News Roundup: Oct. 29 – Nov. 04

If you want the GTA 5 news highlights of the past week without having to scour through previous posts, our weekly news roundup posts are for you. Published every Friday just before (or after) City of the Week, we’ll collect everything worth knowing that happened in the past seven days in one neat post.


The quarterly earnings report from Take-Two, which revealed that GTA 5 had cracked yet another sales milestone, was probably the most important piece of new from the past week, however plenty of other notable occurrences took place as well.

We kicked  things off right after the last news roundup post with our scheduled City of the Week article. This time we ventured to the cold hard north, into the USA’s second youngest state. After taking a thorough look at Anchorage, we determined that Alaska’s most famous city would suit GTA very well – which came as a bit of a surprise.


Soon after that came the usual top videos post, which once again featured one of the highly informative works of Broughy1322, this time comparing the two newest bikes in the game, the Sanctus and the Vortex. Of course, there were plenty of other notable videos posted over the course of last week, so feel free to check out the whole list.

Kicking off this calendar week, we sent out a public service announcement reminding everyone that it was their last day to hop on GTA Online in order to claim their free $250K. The cash is being gifted to players to celebrate the game’s third anniversary, and the free money is accompanied by a number of discounts, with one vehicle from every DLC ever to grace the game being 30% off.


Rockstar had also recently posted another entry in their series of guides providing insider knowledge on how to dominate GTA Online’s various jobs and game modes. This time taking a look at three more recent Adversary Modes, including the Halloween themed Beast vs. Slasher, the article provided tips on scoring points in the game’s PvP modes.

For last week’s excursion abroad for our Foreign City of the Week post, we took a trip to France’s sunny side. Taking a look at the country’s second largest city and historic port, we discovered that Marseille is actually a pretty great pick for a GTA setting.


Rockstar made a pretty big splash the past week by releasing a vehicle-pack DLC follow-up to Bikers. Well, technically the DLC wasn’t what made the actual splash, but the fact that it wasn’t the Shotaro. Instead, Rockstar released the Declasse Tornado Rat Rod, marking the sixth variant of the Tornado available in GTA Online. Alongside the Rat Rod, Rockstar also designated the new Premium Race running until the 7th.

And that’s when the biggest hit came in: Take-Two released the quarterly earnings report to investors, meaning that the gaming press caught wind of it too. GTA 5 has broken yet another sales milestone, having moved 70 million copies, and these sales don’t even include digital sales. The game has also brought in massive amounts of revenue, with both sales and microtransactions.


Finally, to top things off, we tackled the question that has been spawning crappy YouTube videos for a while now. Calling on knowledge of game design and development, one dev took to Reddit in order to explain just why the train in GTA 5 cannot be stopped. If you know the difference between dynamic and static objects, then you already know the answer. If not, check out the post to learn something new today.

Which of the past week’s GTA 5 news stories did you find the most interesting?


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