GTA 5 News Roundup: Nov. 25. – Dec. 2.

Top videos, new DLC and hardware guides

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There’s no doubt about what the top story was this week – mere hours ago Rockstar officially announced the next major update coming to GTA Online. While details were scarce, we did get a glimpse of what to expect in December. Long story short, GTA is going back to its roots and making good on its name.

But first, let’s take a look a what happened this past week. The Black Friday fever swept over the internet, and Rockstar jumped on the bandwagon too. They hosted a sweet sale over at the Rockstar Warehouse, discounting all items available via their store except for the RDR2 pre-orders. We put together a short list of the most useful items for fans.


Naturally, game sales are the high-point of Black Friday for any gamer, and there were plenty of those to be had. We also compiled a list of the best deals on all Rockstar titles available online, ranging from GTA 5’s Steam discount all the way to the neat deal Amazon had on Red Dead Redemption’s Game of the Year Edition for Xbox 360.

We investigated that odd, greyed-out Rockstar Tournaments Qualification Playlist option in GTA Online, and went on to speculate about what kind of a future the game could have as an e-sport. While many of the systems necessary are in place already, Rockstar would need to do a lot of tweaking, especially in the weapons department, to make the new focus viable.


We followed up with our scheduled Top Videos post, which among others featured 8-Bit Bastard’s triumphant return to wildlife documentary, this time taking on the elusive Siberian Tiger that prowls the snowy hills of Blaine County. Many other neat videos are on the list, so check them out over here.

The week proper was off to a spectacular start when an 11-year-old Canadian kid decided to reenact GTA on an Ontario highway after his parents went to sleep. When the child was apprehended by the authorities after a surprisingly harrowing chase, he admitted to having been inspired by the game. Remember, parents, ratings exist for a reason. Also, don’t leave your car keys around.


We wrote up a piece discussing why it would be beneficial for Rockstar to lift the limits on how many properties players may own, which would allow for the storing of unlimited vehicles. This piece also seemingly confirmed our powers of premonition, since the DLC announced today does just that. Kind of.

Over the course of the past week, we put together two hardware recommendation lists to help people out looking at what kind of peripherals they should be using when playing GTA Online. We compiled a list of the best Headsets and best Controllers for your perusal.


GTA Online got a mini-update this week in the face of a Content Creator expansion, which added all of the new stunt props brought in by the Stunt Race Creator to all the other Creators, including Deathmatch, Capture and Last Team Standing.

We also covered comments made by Take-Two president Karl Slatoff about the Nintendo Switch and the upcoming console’s third party support. The comments allow for us to hope that Rockstar titles might make their way to the platform at one point.


Finally, we come to today’s major announcement. Import/Export will be the next major GTA Online DLC, launching sometime December. The update will focus on stealing high-end vehicles and selling them for a profit, while also adding massive 60 slot garages to the game.

Which of this week’s news stories interested you the most?

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