GTA 5 Meets Watch_Dogs 2 Trailer (Video)

Ever since Ubisoft revealed the first Watch_Dogs gameplay style a few years ago, the comparisons with GTA 5 seemed to be never-ending. While hyped up as a GTA “killer”, the game ended up being a bit of a disappointment following a serious graphical downgrade. Content wise, the game was still top-notch, which is why outside of the very vocal hater minority, most people considered the first game a flawed but fun open-world hacker romp.

However, there is a reason why GTA 5, an older game, is still popular today, while Watch_Dogs is gathering the digital dust in everyone’s UPlay library. While the sequel hasn’t shed the obvious similarities with Rockstar’s hit series, the developers have stated that they are going for a more original and unique feel this time around, putting more emphasis on their own, new game mechanics instead of trying to conform.

Despite Ubisoft’s desire to distance the two franchises (which isn’t too hard thematically, but tricky in terms of gameplay), the communities of both games have seemingly latched on to the comparisons and are refusing to let go.


After all, it was probably inevitable, but for a Rockstar Editor recreation of the Watch_Dogs 2 reveal trailer to pop up so soon? Looks like the creator is purposefully trying to poke fun at Ubisoft.

Youtuber and gamer Lion Montages, who previously specialized in GTA IV machinima has displayed obvious talent with the Rockstar Editor and third-party video editing software in his aforementioned recreation.

If you’ve been busy trafficking crates as a part of the all new Further Adventures in Finance and Felony DLC and didn’t have time to watch all the E3 trailers, there is a side-by-side comparison below to show just how accurate the creator was.

While some mods were obviously used in the making of this video, Lion Montages got pretty creative with the use of assets in the game by default.

Incidentally, one of the mods Lion Montages did use was the detailed and fantastic Marcus Holloway skin mod made by GTAFREAk67S. The mod is intended to be used in conjunction with JulioNIB’s Iron Man mod, as it acts as an additional “armor”.


It’s pretty impressive that the protagonist of a game that was only just revealed has already been modded into GTA 5. Many of the assets used in the mod are completely hand-made by the author, seeing as there are no sources for Watch_Dogs 2 assets available to the public.

How much many cues do you think the Watch_Dogs franchise takes from GTA?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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