GTA 5 Cheats Review Plus Achievements & Trophies Updated


Excuse us, sorry to interrupt now that Grand Theft Auto V has been officially released worldwide, but we just wanted to give our review of the game and also take care of some other things…


Buy it.

Other things…

Achievements and Trophies

We’ve updated the Achievements and Trophies page to include all of the single player, GTA Online and secret Achievements and Trophies you can earn, each with their official icon and the relevant number of GamerScore points/type of PS trophy that you’ll receive.

This means that you Achievement and Trophy junkies can get started – although you will need to wait until at least October 1 when GTA Online is activated.

Cheats and Easter Eggs

We’ve also been adding to our respective pages for Xbox 360 and PS3 cheats for GTA V. The number of cheats is now officially up to 23 and we’re still looking for more (there’s at least eight to go). You’ll also find some neat Easter Eggs and other hints and tips about half-way down each page.

Hints and Tips

We’ve created a brand new GTA V Hints and Tips page. Check it out to find various tactics and other things that will help you progress in the game but don’t require the use of cheat codes.

That’s all for now. Back to Los Santos…

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