Grand Theft Auto 5 Goes Gold


Rockstar Games has just announced that Grand Theft Auto V has officially gone gold, and that they are now preparing the game for release on September 17.

The news was posted on the Rockstar Newswire and confirms what many have suspected for a while now, particularly given the fact PS3 owners have been able to pre-order and then pre-load the entire game via PSN. More on that particular saga here and here.

So what is “going gold” exactly? It’s also known as “release to manufacturing” or RTM and means that the game has been completel, 100% finalized and finished, and that it is ready to be manufactured in bulk. So Rockstar has finished making GTA 5 and the game is currently being pressed onto millions of blu-ray discs (PS3) and DVDs (Xbox 360) from where it will be shipped all over the world for the September 17 release date.

We are getting close!

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