Get The Most Out Of GTA V With This Mod

We’ve covered certain graphical mods in the past, but this particular modification is more than just an upgrade of graphical fidelity. This here is a total, complete overhaul of the game’s visuals in every sense. We are proud to present to you, The Pinnacle of V. This mod incorporates portions of the ENBSeries graphical mod, the SweetFX graphical mod, the More Faces and More Traffic mod, and more, plus a massive amount of the author’s own work!


The Pinnacle of V – World Enhancement Project is an extremely ambitious undertaking. The mod overhauls pretty much every facet of GTA V from a visual standpoint.

The features of this mod include a completely reworked weather system and cycle, and reduced the amount of fog. Related to this, the clouds have been improved, and all lighting effects have been entirely replaced. The color and lighting corrections from SweetFX shine in this mod (no pun intended), making the virtual sunrise in Los Santos a beautiful sight to see. The textures on the moon and the skydome have also been improved, and photo realistic vehicle textures have been added. The wind effects have been overhauled, and the plant textures reworked too.

An entirely new addition is the ability to shoot through certain materials or thin cover, such as car doors. The variations of NPC models has also been boosted, as well as the amount of traffic, thanks to Beyond Galaxy, another modder. Smoke and water effects are greatly improved, as is the dirt, so burning some tires on the race track, be it a dry or rainy day will look impressive. The depth of field effects of the game have also been overhauled, and the various particle effects associated with explosions are also reworked. Bullet impact textures have also been improved, and bullet holes disappear after a longer time.

All in all, this is damn impressive mod! Will you be giving it a try?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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