Get Ready For An Onslaught Of GTA Livestreams

If you’re a fan of GTA Rockstar has made sure you won’t get bored this weekend. Or the next weekend.

This is because the developer’s Twitch and YouTube Gaming channels will be flooded with a slew of various GTA V themed livestreams for your viewing pleasure. They’ve posted a schedule of the streams here so you don’t miss out on a second of it, and they’ve also let the eager fans know what to expect from the shows. Based on what they’ve revealed, after the Friday stream you’ll spend you’re whole Satruday quivering in anticipation for the Sunday stream!


First up, today Rockstar has in store for you a solid stream dedicated to the all new, crispy and shiny GTA Online Freemode Events, which have added a total of 12 new jobs and 2 new adversary modes to the online component of GTA V. More than just a mission pack, Freemode Events has reworked entirely how GTA Online functions, in order to prepare it for the new wave of DLC. The stream will feature some well known GTA streamers and YouTubers testing their mettle in the most popular of the new events.


Following that stream Rockstar will be giving you a sneak peek at the upcoming LP VEGA INTL. Night School by Neon Indian, who is also responsible for some of GTA V’s soundtrack. You can watch him preview some of his upcoming work, and play some of the new Adversary modes.

The stream of streams does not end there though, as next Friday we’ll be treated to a stream dedicated to community made jobs inspired by the Warriors and GTA Liberty City Stories. Rockstar will be playing through the best Creator missions submitted during this stream, which you’ll be able to download as well. Will any of you guys be tuning in to these GTA streams?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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