Gangster’s Daughter Claims GTA V Based Character on Her


Karen Gravano is attempting to sue Rockstar for $40 million over a character in GTA V.

Gravano is the daughter of Salvatore Gravano (also known as Sammy the Bull) and a former star of “Mob Wives,” a reality TV show about women whose fathers or husbands were linked to the Mafia. She claims Rockstar stole her story without her permission and used it for a character named Antonia Bottino, whom players rescue in the game.

In GTA V, Antonia Bottino is the daughter of Sammy Bottino, who became an informant. Many fans believe his character to be based on Salvatore Gravano, who also was a mobster-turned-informant. Sammy Bottino refuses to allow Antonia to appear on a television show called “Wise Bitches,” which seems to be a parody of “Mob Wives.”

Karen Gravano claims other parts of her story have been used for Antonia Bottino as well, although she did not go into details. Two-Two and Rockster have declined to comment on the issue.

Personally, we don’t see it. Until she reveals the supposed other details Rockstar used for Antonia, the only thing the two have in common is their father and a link to a television show. That’s hardly grounds to say they stole her life story. Still, we’ll keep our eye on this situation and let you know of any future developments.

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