The Future Of GTA Online And Paid DLC

The holiday season has brought many gifts to the GTA Online community, many of which are manifested in the form of the Festive Surprise DLC which added new outfits and masks to the game, along with a new vehicle, a new Adversary Mode and the rare sight of snow.

While the stream of gifts from Rockstar isn’t over yet, official sources are not the only outlet for some GTA V themed goodness. A recent leak seems to have confirmed that after all this time and talk of cancellation, GTA V will in fact be getting some single player DLC – but that is not all.


Another well known leaker has, albeit vaguely, described some pretty interesting information about upcoming GTA Online content. This is the same guy who probably got the most flak before the release of the Lowriders DLC, being the one who started most of the rumors, which, at the time, seemed impossible. However, once the DLC was launched, and it turned out that almost all of the predictions of the rumors were correct, the masses turned back TezFunz, also known as funmw2.

It seems that Liberty City could very well be making a re-appearance in GTA Online.

While Rockstar has stated that GTA Online is going to be something of a constant in the franchise going forward, and will be expanded with each installment, eventually including all known cities of the franchise (this was tacked together from various statements – this as one sentence has never been said), players assumed they would need to wait until GTA VI to see a new land in Online.


The new city also brings with it a concept that players will be a lot less happy about – paid DLC. It seems that players wanting to access Liberty City in Online will need to shell out some real cash for the trip.

Who among you is looking forward to revisiting Liberty City in GTA Online?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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