Funny & Entertaining GTA 5 Videos

We don’t just have demonstration videos for all GTA 5 cheats… The world of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V also offers an infinite number of instances and occassions where funny, entertaining or otherwise moments can be captured. Basically, there is a TON of interesting, funny or otherwise entertaining videos out there that people have captured.

You’ll find GTA 5 Cheats’ own archive of this footage below. If you need a break from playing the game and just want to check out some of the stuff other people are doing, or if you need some ideas for what you might want to play out yourself within the game, then these clips are for you!

How to Use a Parachute Properly

When You Get Dat Road Rage

Explosive Ammo Rounds with a Bikini

Mini-Guns are Bad Ass…

When a Mouse Jacks Your Truck

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