First LSPDFR Community Staff Favorites Revealed

The team over at LSPDFR are truly trying to follow Rockstar’s lead when it comes to engaging with their community. They frequently listen to feedback, are active on the forums, keep fans updated on what they’re up to, and now they’ve taken to promoting fan made screenshots (and videos later on) which they particularly like. To this end, a set of changes recently arrived to the news feed section of the website, including the aforementioned community staff favorites and “member behind the mod” feature.

With the recent update to the download portal and the preview series done for 0.3, LSPDFR’s new content editor didn’t have a lot of work in his hands. So he decided to have some community driven features implemented and start filling the feed with posts. These include collections of screenshots, videos and artwork made in or based on LSPDFR, the massive police simulator total conversion mod for GTA V, as well as various GTA V mods.

In order to keep the flow of posts coming, and the quality high, the community has been called upon to provide the necessary material, and the first fruit of their labor has just been pluck. The following screenshots were made in GTA V modded with LSPDFR’s newest available build.

First up, we have a good old retro police squad car dashboard, showing a suburban scene.


Next up, we have a chase that has really taken off.


This is one damn stylish shot.


This image has a ton of press potential.


As you can see, the LSPDFR team did well to rely on their community, as the players came through with the material necessary to kick off the Community Staff Favorites section with a solid debut.

Are any of you guys looking forward to LSPDFR 0.3?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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