Find a GTA Online Heists Team


Once you have a Heists team make sure you check out our guide!
In order to do Online Heists in GTA V you need team-mates. The problem is, unless you have an organized crew, you’ll probably spend a lot of time in lobbies waiting for randoms to join up with, and then when enough other players finally do join, they’ll be unreliable, you may not like playing with them, and ultimately they’ll only add to your frustrations! Ideally you want to be matched up with other players of a similar (or greater) skill level who are focused on the same missions and goals as you.

That’s why we created this page. The idea is that you leave a Disqus comment below with your system (ie PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PC), timezone, associated gamertag and also let everyone know which missions in particular you’re interested in. You should also list the split you want (or are proposing).

Other players can then visit this page, reply to your comment and add you as a contact on the relevant system. Just make sure you sort the comments below by date in order to get the most recent entries and access to players who want to play.

That should be about it – the rest is up to you guys… If you want to find a Heists team leave your nickname, platform and other info below and wait for other like-minded individuals to get in touch. Just don’t forget to check out our Heists Guide too!

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