Fans speculate over new features in GTA 5

Well, you can definitely say this much about Rockstar: they know how to build expectation for a game! All it took was one trailer to send a whole army of GTA fans into a speculative frenzy about what new features will be in GTA 5. Will there be crazier weapons? Will old characters come back? Will there be a female character?

Well, one thing is for sure… nobody really knows. However, there have been leaks here and there that gave us fans more insight into the game’s developments and new features.

Some fans have been speculating that popular characters from previous releases might come back in GTA 5. There have been rumors that the Grove Street Gang might make a return and that characters such as Tony Cipriani and CJ might return to our console screens.

Rumors of the return of the Grove Street Gang (from GTA: San Andreas) have been encouraged by the fact that you can spot references to the gang in “The Lost and The Damned” (an expansion pack for GTA 4). However, as one member of GTAForums said, previous versions of GTA were set in a previous universe, so it’s unlikely that old characters will make a comeback. You may see them on ads around the city or hear about them on the radio, but the chances of actual characters coming back on screen are pretty slim.

Grove Street Gang

However, there is no official indication either way as to whether Rockstar will choose to forsake its previous formula and bring those much loved characters from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas back onto the scene. It is not out of the realms of possibility – especially since San Andreas was the most critically acclaimed game of the series and given that GTA 5 is set to take place in the state that shares the name.

There has also been much speculation as to what the main character’s gender will be. As you may already know, the gaming industry is trying to target female demographics more aggressively. It has been said that 48% of current gamers are women, and this would be the perfect opportunity to put a female in the lead role. However, if the trailer is any indication, this is unlikely to happen since we can only see a male protagonist.

Dozens of videos have surfaced on Youtube that highlight some of the new features we could see in GTA 5. Once such clip, embedded below, points out a few features that could be part of the upcoming release. These may include:

  • A new and improved gym area and more training options.
  • The most realistic environment out of any other games in the genre. Cool additions may include wind, smog, mountainous countryside and more.
  • A dog was spotted in the official trailer, which could point to the fact that you’ll be able to own a dog and eventually other pets in the game.
  • There should also be significant improvements in the game’s A.I. NPC’s will do more “activities”, such as live in tents under bridges, work on farms, sell drugs and working out, amongst other things.

A Rockstar producer has already stated that the game will be more realistic this time around. While it is still not clear as to the extent that realism will be pushed in this version, we already know that you’ll have more of a say over your character’s physiognomy. You’ll be able to train him as you wish and work out different parts of the body separately. Furthermore, the way you train your character will have a direct influence over its behavior on the field.

Interaction with cops should also be more realistic in this version. For instance, if you commit a crime and nobody is there to witness it, you will not be credited with a star and the cops will not pursue you. In addition to that, it has been said that you’ll be able to grab bystanders and either use them as human shields or hold them as hostages.

GTA 5 Blue Car

Some people have speculated that since there was a ball stadium in GTA 4, it’s even possible that you’ll be able to attend sporting events in GTA 5!  I don’t know about that, but we can see people playing golf in the trailer, so it is possible that you’ll be able to play golf and maybe other sports in this version.

Another new feature that might excite fans is a rumored ability to pick up random objects in the streets and use them as weapons. There has even been talks of a museum that you could enter and take weapons from, using them on the streets.

I said it at the start of this article and I’ll say it again at the end – only one thing is for sure… nobody really knows what to expect in GTA 5. Until some official announcements are made the internet will run wild with expectation.

What do you think? Sound off below!

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