Fans May Bring GTA V to PC


Many fans are waiting for Rockstar to announce the much-desired PC version of Grand Theft Auto V (including GTA Online of course), and a petition for such a release recently crossed 650,000 signatures. However, other fans have decided to take it upon themselves to do what Rockstar won’t, by creating a special mod for GTA IV.

Many people create mods for the PC version of GTA IV. As far back as July 2013, a mod was created to allow players to turn their GTA IV character into one of the characters from GTA V. Now, a modder by the name of Taltigolt seems to be hard at work on a full GTA V mod. He uploaded several videos of his mod progress to Youtube and posted status updates on Facebook about it. According to his statuses, six other people are helping him with the project, and it should be ready for release in less than two weeks. While such a mod would not be a perfect duplication of GTA V, it will be interesting to see how close Taltigolt can get.

On the other hand, rumors continue to fly that Rockstar has their own, official release planned for GTA V on PC, with some sources claiming it will be available in February or March of this year. While Rockstar has not backed up any of these rumors, they feel as though they hold a grain of truth—Amazon has been telling customers to expect the game in March, which supports multiple rumors from 2013 that GTA V would release on the PC in the first quarter of 2014.

So, which will come first, the official game or the unofficial mod? Either way, gamers should expect the ability to play some form of GTA V on their PC in the near future.

What do you think? Sound off below!

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