Fan Creates 20 GTA V Magazine Ads

GTA V magazine ad

Reddit user ze_ex_21 has taken several GTA 5 screenshots and transformed them into magazine ads, many of which poke fun at aspects of the game, such as the Pegasus ad pictured above. Other than the watermark on the images (which oddly seems to be the Mortal Kombat logo), it’s easy to imagine these as actual ads.

GTA V magazine ad 2

You can check out the 10 magazine ads he shared today in the gallery below.

However, that’s not it. That album is his second round of GTA V magazine ads. He actually posted the first 10 a few days ago.

Most fans have praised his work, although some have demanded to know why he’d spend so much time on this. Why is any sort of fan art created? If this is how he enjoys spending his time, that’s great. Remember the GTA V food blog?

Be sure to let us and ze_ex_21 know which of these ads are your favorites. Have you ever created GTA V fan art of any kind?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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