Fake GTA 5 Torrents Contain Virus


Fake Grand Theft Auto V leaks are starting to show up on torrent sites. Try to install the files though and you will not only end up with a virus, but your mobile phone will be subscribed to some worthless/spammy service.

With less than two weeks until the launch of GTA 5 on September 17 this was always going to happen, particularly with all the previous “leak talk”. Would be pirates with a view to making money and stealing data create fake install files (in this particular instance based off a completely separate game – The Cave) and include a virus that infects your PC as soon as you try and run the program.

Not only that though, but the install process will also require you to complete a survey (for which the fake torrent creator will get paid) and also join a mobile subscription service (for which you’ll be charged €1 every day – again making money for the torrent creator).

Hopefully none of our GTA 5 Cheats readers have fallen for this scam and we’d be pretty disappointed if you had. If there is one game that is worth waiting for it is Grand Theft Auto V!

What do you think? Sound off below!

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