Executives And Other Criminals Feature Details

The much awaited GTA Online DLC, Executives and Other Criminals, is now available for downloaded worldwide. The new DLC adds a number of groundbreaking features such as the new VIP and Bodyguard system. It also includes several other new features that aim to turn GTA Online into “the ultimate VIP experience”.


All new game modes have been added to Freemode, giving players new ways to make a name for themselves as top bodyguards or the fiercest corporate sharks.

Hostile Takeover requires two teams to compete in extracting and delivering a package to a drop-off point. But this isn’t your typical fetch-quest. Each variation has a unique twist, such as the “package” being a tank which you need to steal from the fort.

Asset Recovery has bodyguards face off against enemy players and NPC cops as well. You’ll need to secure organization vehicles that have been impounded, with the enemy team and the LSPD trying to destroy said cars before you get them to the safe zone.


In Piracy Prevention, players are faced with a siege scenario. The defending team spawn on the yacht, an need to protect the ship from the attackers coming in from the beach.

Executive deathmatch is the high-roller version of the classic gamemode, being played across the entire Freemode map, with each player given no more than 10 lives.


VIP challenges also add a way for bodyguards within the same organisztion to decide who is best. Most Wanted strikes all members with 5 stars, and the last one alive wins. Market Manipulation has players race to “collect protection money” from all convenience stores across the map. Finally, Auto Buyout has players commit Grand Theft Auto, and steal as many cars as possible.

Which game mode added to GTA Online are you enjoying the most?

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