Everything You Need to Know About GTA Online


We hate writing ridiculously long articles just as much as you hate reading them. That’s why we created the list below. It tells you all the major things you need to know about GTA Online quickly and simply. Enjoy!

Trailer: Watch it here.

Availability and release: GTA Online is free and will be available from October 1 2013.

Player limit: The player limit is 16.

Phone contacts: On your phone there are various contacts that can help you with different things (like if you’re on a mission, or need to escape the cops) and as you progress through GTA Online and rank up, you’ll get access to more contacts/help.

Unlocks: As you progress through the GTA Online world, new characters, gear, places and missions/activities will become available.

Alone or together: You can choose to play GTA Online either alone or with friends, and can work co-operatively to complete missions, participate in activities or complete the other game modes.

Passive mode: There is a game mode called “passive mode” in which people can’t shoot you and you can’t shoot them.

Content creation: You can create and share your own missions and activities via the Social Club cloud. Other players can rate what you’ve created.

Rivals: There is a rivals feature. You will know when your rivals come online and be able to find them.

Headset integration: If you speak into your headset, your character will lip-sync in time! Plus if you speak while robbing a store (for example) the clerk will react to the urgency in your voice!

Customization: You can customize your online character and spend money on them by improving stats, purchasing and customizing vehicles, and purchasing property and weapons. You can also pre-select their favorite weapons and vehicles.

Starting out: GTA Online begins with you arriving with zero money to Los Santos. You are then required to complete a few missions to earn some money and get introduced to the mechanics.

Insurance: You can take out insurance on your car and then get a new one if it’s destroyed.

Bad Sport: There is a stat called “Bad Sport” and basically if you constantly blow up other player’s cars (for example) it will increase and you will be penalized.

Additions: Rockstar say they will constantly add to the world over time.

Max Payne 3: Your Max Payne 3 ranking will be carried over to GTA Online, and if it was high enough, you’ll receive some special bonuses.

Team creation and control: When creating a team (like to carry out a heist or activity) you can select from your friends or recruit people based on their skills (ie driving or flying). You also get to choose how the rewards from the mission are split.

Reputation: By playing GTA Online you earn Reputation Points. This is the primary ranking function across GTA Online and is based on your shooting, driving, parachuting and flying skills.

Properties: There’s lots of different property you can buy and you can “hang out” in your properties with friends. You can also watch TV, surf the net, change clothes, shower and watch your CCTV (if you have one).

Money and bank accounts: You can deposit money into your bank account as you please, but if you die and have cash in your wallet, other players can steal it from you.

Matchmaking: Matchmaking is based off of your ranking.

Car pound: If you leave your customized cars around the map for too long they will get impounded and you’ll need to cough up some cash to get them back.

And HEAPS of other things… we suggest you watch the trailer again!

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