Everything You Need to Know for GTA V Relaunch


We’re not going to bother going through all the new, enhanced features like first person mode, Online heists, etc – there’s plenty of coverage on that sort of thing already here or elsewhere. Instead, this is what you need to know to kick butt in GTA V off the bat, both in story mode, GTA Online, the stock market, Assassination missions and more!


First off, you might want to know all the cheats for GTA V (and yup, it’s the name of this site!). We got you covered on the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. Speaking of cheats, one question that new players also have is in relation to money – to confirm, there is no money cheat!

Story Mode (Single Player) Hints and Tips

If cheats aren’t your thing then we have hundreds of single player hints, tips and guides that you can still use to kick ass “legitimately” within the game. Just click here to review everything we have on offer and don’t forget to add your own by sending them in!

Heists Guide

Heists are the “main part” so to speak of the single player GTA V experience and are soon to be introduced to the GTA Online mode too (more on that here). Luckily we have a guide made just so you can pull off the heists with maximum ease, efficiency and of course money making ability. Make sure you have a good read of our guide here before you start getting into this aspect of the story mode.

Making Money

With no money cheat you might want to know how to make the most cash. Well we have you covered there… First off you’ll want to read our Stock Market Guide – not only do we tell you how to make over $1.5 billion via the Assassination missions, but we have a heap of other tips and tricks that players have picked up over the year since GTA V was first released. You can also check out a guide we have for one specific stock (eCola) right here.

If the stock market isn’t your thing then we have another page with loads of other cool ways you can earn money in the world of Grand Theft Auto 5… check that out here.

GTA Online Hints and Tips (no cheats)

First off let’s confirm one thing – That said, we do have a massive seven pages worth of hundreds of different hints, tips and guides that you might find useful for GTA Online. Access them here and use the handy index to find things that might interest or help you the most.

GTA Online: Contact Missions

These are one of the best ways to rank and earn money in GTA Online. Team up with your friends and do these missions in GTA Online to enjoy the best it offers and make some $GTA along the way. Click here for our guide.

And to confirm, while there is plenty of cheat codes for the story mode (single player) game mode, there are no cheat codes you can use in GTA Online.

Easter Eggs

Rockstar packed several dozens easter eggs into GTA 5 and more are being discovered every week it seems… In fact we hope that there are a couple new ones in the remastered versions of the game. Anyway, if you want to check out what interesting easter eggs are in the game, here’s a good list to start with. We also have a list of all the phone numbers you can call in the game.


There’s a whole bunch of other random things in GTA V and guides and pages that we’ve created accordingly. Here’s sample: free roam combat guide, 100% completion checklist, item unlock levels for GTA Online plus weapon unlock levels, and a guide for the Infinite 8 mystery.

Trophies and Achievements

Finally, here’s the Trophy (PlayStation) and Achievements (Xbox) lists. Click here.

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