eCola Stock Market Guide


At the start of the game in story mode (single player), the price of the eCola stock is around $3-6 per share. Later on, it reaches $125-140 per share. This makes it an excellent choice if you want to make money from the stock market in GTA V. For example, if you buy 25,000 shares at the start of the game, it will cost you $75,000-150,000, but you’ll be able to sell them later on for $3,125,000-3,500,000.

Play through the story missions until you reach “Friend Request,” the first mission Lester gives to Michael, where you go after Jay Norris, the founder of Lifeinvader. Before you start this mission, build up enough money to buy shares of eCola.

This will take a while, so determine how much time you’re willing to spend and how great a profit you want to earn, in order to decide the number of shares to buy.

To earn money, you can complete races as Franklin and rob armored trucks as Michael. Two armored trucks you definitely want to target are the ones in Little Seoul near the Burger Shot and at the Ammu-Nation parking lot in Paleto Bay. At these locations, the men with the suitcase will already be outside of the truck.

Once you’ve bought as many shares of eCola as you want, continue playing.

When you switch to Trevor, you’ll have another chance. He starts with $100,000, so use that to purchase additional shares of eCola, which should be priced at $4-6 dollars per share.

Continue to play the game and keep an eye on eCola’s price. When it crosses $125 per share, you’ll be able to sell yours for a large profit! If you have any stock tips of your own please comment below.

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