Earn 38K RP per Hour in GTA Online

Want to earn around 38,000 reputation points every hour in GTA Online? If so, then you need to following the method outlined in the guide below.

Prerequsiite requirements:

  • You need to be level 27 or over, have Ron unlocked for Jobs and also have a Buzzard.
  • In terms of physical equipment you’ll need a rubber band, a coin and a wired controller (for most efficiency/ease).

The method:

  1. Call Ron and request a Job from him.
  2. You need to get the Job called “Base Invaders” and set the difficulty to hard.
  3. As soon as the Job starts call up Pegasus and get them to send your Buzzard.
  4. Once you get your Buzzard fly to Ron’s plane, get inside it, then get back out and go back into your Buzzard.
  5. Now fly to Fort Zancudo and land your Buzzard on the blue crates near the hangar that says “Zancudo Airbase” (see first image below).
  6. Hold down A (Xbox 360) or X (PS3) and you should continuously fire rockets at the enemy, which will keep on respawning and getting killed.
  7. You can now setup your rubber band and coin to keep on firing and then walk away (see second image below) – just make sure you controller is plugged in.
  8. Enjoy!


Full credit to Tackett79 of Reddit for discovering this!

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