Duplicate Vehicles in GTA Online


The search for glitches in Grand Theft Auto online never ends, and even though the previous vehicle duplication glitch led to harsh repercussions for exploiters from Rockstar, players are still devising new ways to use glitches to get around the patch that fixed it.

Most recently, players have discovered a way to transfer cars between characters so that both characters end up with duplicate sets of vehicles. We have a full set of detailed instructions below, but inn order to use this method, one player must invite a friend to their game session to help them. While playing as the character that lacks the car to be duplicated, the first player must fill their garage with random cars. They are then to switch to the character with the desired cars, and have their friend come to their character’s apartment.

If the friend accesses a webpage with their mobile phone within the apartment, they will remain in the apartment when the player switches back to the other character, which will trigger the glitch. The random cars in the garage should have been replaced with the duplicates. All the player needs to do then is drive each car out of the garage and then back in to have them permanently to use or sell.

Many players have reported success and are selling their duplicated cars to earn easy money. Other players are convinced Rockstar will crack down on this glitch as soon as they find out about it.

Detailed steps to duplicate vehicles

  1. Start an invite-only session and invite your friend.
  2. Now, you should be playing the one of your characters that doesn’t have the cars you want to duplicate (which one of your other characters will have). In fact ideally they should have no cars.
  3. Now fill up your garage with hijacked vehicles and then switch back to your first character (the one with all the cars you do want to duplicate).
  4. Invite your friend to your apartment and have him open his phone and go to any website. He should then just sit on the website and do nothing else.
  5. Once he’s done that and just sitting viewing the site, swap to your other characters again. If you end up in another session, get your friend to invite you to his session (with him still being on the website).
  6. Then when you go to your garage, you should see that all the hijacked vehicles have been replaced with the good vehicles that your other character has (duplicated). One last thing you need to do is drive each car outside and then back inside, in order to “save them”. Then you can sell them!

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