Don’t Spend Everything On The Next GTA Online DLC – Here’s Why

The Executives and Other Criminals update for GTA Online is arriving soon, and no doubt many players are in a grind-frenzy to save up enough money in-game to get the most out of the new VIP content immediately. They know it isn’t going to be cheap.

However, our advice to you is to hold off on all that shiny new CEO gear.


While there has yet to be any official word on the release date or even the existence of any kind of Holiday DLC, based on the same leak which outed Executives and Other Criminals, the Christmas themed update is well on its way. If the previous Christmas DLCs are anything to go by, you can count on the items included in this year’s one to be limited.

So there it is. Executives will launch next week, and the Christmas DLC will launch sometime after. While the Executives update and all its content will be around forever, the Holiday DLC will be a limited time affair, just like the Halloween Surprise was. Ergo, if you blow all your cash on a turreted limo and a mansion in Vinewood Hills, you’ll be missing out on all the festive fun involved in whatever Rockstar has planned for Christmas.


As similar situation occurred with the release of Lowriders and the GTA Online Halloween DLC some time ago this year. Lowriders is known to break banks with the extremely expensive upgrades, and the content from the Halloween DLC was only around until mid November. This prompted a number of GTA Online players to request that limited time DLC items be made available around the year, arguing that usually when there is some sort of celebration or holiday going on, people won’t be spending it playing GTA Online.

Are you saving up for the GTA Online Holiday DLC?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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