Don’t Forget Rockstar’s Additional GTA V PC Pre-order Bonus


GTA V PC pre-orders have included bonus GTA$ since pre-orders first became available, but now you can get even more. Originally, pre-ordering GTA V would reward you with a bonus $500,000 for the single-player mode and a bonus $500,000 for GTA Online. When the game was delayed to April, however, Rockstar increased the amount. While you’ll still receive $500,000 for GTA V, the GTA Online pre-order bonus has been upped to $700,000.

An additional cash bonus is available to players who pre-order the digital download from the Rockstar Warehouse. Back when the game was set to release on March 24, you could get bonus cash and a free game if you pre-ordered from the Warehouse before February 1.

The free game offer remains expired, but the cash bonus is back: if you pre-order the PC version of GTA V from the Rockstar Warehouse before March 31, you’ll receive an additional $300,000 for GTA Online.

To recap, this means that Rockstar Warehouse pre-orders of the GTA V PC digital download made before March 31 will come with $500,000 for single-player and $1,000,000 for GTA Online, not a bad incentive. Do you intend to pre-order?

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