Do We Have a New Ultimate GTA V Graphics Mod Champion?

Over the past few months we’ve been reporting on the work of a few GTA V modders who, instead of adding new vehicles or game-play features or some-such, have been working on improving the already astounding visuals of the game. GTA V’s PC version is a beauty to look at, even on the lower graphical settings, but if you ramp up the heat, and provided you have a brutal enough rig to handle it, you’re in for a treat. There is a reason why people took to calling GTA V’s PC version the first real “next-gen” game – and we’re not even talking about the console versions! These mods – ENBSeries, SweetFX, Gionight – take things to the next level, even further improving the game’s visuals. Usually, GTA V graphical mods target textures, shaders and lighting effects, but these are pretty complex beasts and tweak practically everything humanly possible to give you the best visual end result.



The newest modder to join the unofficial competition to determine the best mod-smith in the graphical department is reddit user Toddyftw, who has recently released the first batch of screenshots for his own GTA V graphical mod. This mod hopes to make GTA V downright photo realistic, and while focusing on the usual texture, shader and lighting elements, we can also recognize obvious signs of improved water effects, draw-distance tweaking, and distortion effects in play. The screenshots are pretty darn impressive, and can definitely go head to head with the other contenders. If we would have one nitpick with the results, everything seems extremely dark. Possibly this is due to all screenshots being taken at sunrise/sundown. If this is the case then color us even more impressed, as the images are atmospheric as hell.


Who do you think will win this competition? Do you guys use any of the contenders’ mods?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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