Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit Coming To GTA Online On The 14th of March

We’re finally getting 2017’s first major DLC

Rockstar has finally announced the concrete release date for GTA Online’s next major DLC, which will also be the first this year following a few minor updates each adding a single vehicle to the fray. The developers recently unveiled their plans for the rest of 2017 which included our first look at Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit, but now we’ve gotten more details about the upcoming update.

First and foremost, the release date, which by Rockstar’s tradition, is very near. In just two days, on the 14th of March, the update will go live. We predicted as much back when the update was first announced, seeing as the current Stunt Race Event that is ongoing will end on the 13th, Monday, and Rockstar always releases updates on Tuesday.

Special Vehicle Circuit will offer a unique twist on Cunning Stunts by adding a number of new tracks designed with some of the special rides introduced in Import/Export in mind. The tracks will offer new challenges that can only be overcome with the abilities and gadgets of the Ruiner 2000, the Blazer Aqua and the Rocket Voltic. Unfortunately, the other special vehicles didn’t get their own stunt races, but most of them aren’t well equipped for them either.

Something we now know is the exact number of new tracks being added to the game: 20. Clearly the number of tracks for each vehicle won’t be equal, and we don’t yet know which will get how many. One of the tracks assigned to the Ruiner have been named, and it will be called “Damned”. Generally speaking, the Rocket Voltic and Ruiner are the community favorites, so you can bet that the Blazer Aqua won’t be getting the biggest slice of the cake, even though the inclusion of water sections makes it the most interesting proposition in our opinion.

Speed through tunnels and parachute to the finish with the Ruiner 2000 in Damned, one of 20 new Stunt Races featuring Special Vehicles launching next week.

Beyond these new tracks, a new car is coming to the game as well. Fans of supercars who are a tad weary of the hyper-modern and futuristic look that has been going on recently will be more than happy to see the new Progen GP1 take on a more classic look. Of course, it’s still a sleek ride that screams speed (and wealth), the shape, the headlights and the doors are reminiscent of older models.

The price or performance of the vehicle is as of yet unrevealed, but we’re hoping that in spite of the reserved design, the GP1 will be a technical marvel, and finally it won’t be the sci-fi concept cars leading the circuits. While this is a step in the right direction, we’re still being oversaturated with supercars, and would be more happy to see the addition of new rides in the muscle and sports classes.

Since the new tracks are the only new content spoken of in the press release beyond the new car, which is technically not part of the Special Vehicle Circuit, this seems to be a DLC where you can’t spend your cash on new things – truly a first in GTA Online. As such, we suspect there will at least be a few new clothing items added, like new jumpsuits and whatnot. It would be an odd move from Rockstar to release any kind of DLC with no new opportunities to spend in-game cash.

Much of Take-Two’s revenue comes from the microtransactions of GTA Online alone, and the constant addition of DLC is what motivates players to keep spending. Adding items like yachts or expensive properties like the executive offices further this goal, which is why it would be so weird for a semi-major DLC to offer nothing save a single car to spend in-game money on. Nonetheless, it might be an attempt on Rockstar’s part to gain some goodwill with those players who dislike the business practice of microtransactions.

To add to the long list of bonuses currently live thanks to the Stunt Race event, Rockstar has kicked off some additional discounts to help you save up for the GP1 and presumably other bits of content coming down the line. Both Executive Offices and the nifty garages are 25% off, special vehicles can be bought at a discount and their associated missions will be rewarding players with double cash and RP. Presumably, these bonuses are aimed at getting players acquainted with the vehicles prior to the release of the update.

Usually, Rockstar doesn’t reveal the full extent of an update’s content prior to release, even when announcing the update in question’s release date a few days ahead, and we suspect as much in this case. Since one vehicle and 20 tracks seem a tad threadbare, even if the new races will be entirely new with vehicles that never partook in Stunt Races before.

Beyond suspecting the addition of further clothing, we’re guessing that the DLC will bring with it a new Adversary Mode as well, since Rockstar hinted at adding more of those in the coming weeks and months. While Adversary Modes got a bit of bad rep in the past, more recently some truly well-crafted Modes regained the approval of the public, and we’re interested to see what else the designers can cook up.

We’re not likely to get any weapons in a racing themed update, and since the GP1 got an announcement, we’d know of any other vehicles coming to the game as well. Chances are that the Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit is just the first in a longer line of mid-sized updates coming to GTA Online as we approach summer and the release of the groundbreaking gunrunning update.

One welcome feature of the upcoming update will please the creatively oriented among the players, however. While we waited for a good month between the release of Cunning Stunts and the Stunt Race Creator, all of the new props used in Special Vehicle Circuit will be added to said creator immediately. We’re quite eager to see what kinds of new building blocks were devised for the three vehicles, and what the community will do with them.

In the meantime, most players are more excited for the upcoming gunrunning update, which is looking to be the year’s biggest DLC much like Further Adventures in Finance and Felony was last year. Gunrunning – whatever the official name will be – will add an entirely new mechanic centered around the illegal trade of weapons, while players will be battling with various militias that spring up around Blaine County.

Whether this upcoming major update will be the next addition to the CEO series, a follow-up to Bikers or a new thing on its own is anyone’s guess, and at this point we know even less about it than we do about Cunnings Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit. While fears mounted in the previous few months that Online won’t be getting any new DLC following a rumor that sprung up, it’s clear that Rockstar still fully intends to support the game with new content in a major way.

Tune in on the 14th for our coverage of the update’s release and content.

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