Could “Agent” Be Revived As “GTA: Undercover”?


Back in August Europe’s largest gaming convention, Gamescom, was held in Köln just like it is every year. The show can be separated into two distinct sections, the public sector where visitors can freely move around and check out booths, and the business area, where only industry professionals and some reputable journalists are allowed to tread.

Rockstar was present at Gamescom and had a booth set up as well as a press conference. However, this was only in the business area and the general public wasn’t allowed near. What could they have possibly shown that is such a large secret? Well, the gaming press leaped on the opportunity for some educated guesses regarding what was shown, and one of the most plausible options seemed to be that Rockstar has gotten around to actually doing something with the Agent game they announced a damn long time ago.


The GTA franchise is known for its spin offs. Sure, we’ve got the five numbered GTA games, but then there are the expansions and the interludes. Rockstar has stated several times that their resources are focused on GTA, and mainly GTA Online, so them working on a new IP seems unlikely. However, while every day it seems that the next major GTA release might be an online only affair, we can expect some variety to show in the GTA V spin offs which we will inevitably get.


Considering the massive popularity police themed mods for GTA IV and V are, it would not be a stretch to think that Rockstar may have re-purposed the assets of Agent and began work on an official look at what the life of a police officer is like in the GTA universe. Of course, since GTA is still mainly about crime, it would be framed as the story of an undercover operative, with 50% crime and 50% law enforcement. Of course, all of this is complete conjecture!

Would you guys be interested in seeing a GTA game from the police’s perspective?

What do you think? Sound off below!

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